40-Day Prayer Challenge

We are so excited that you have chose to step up and conquer this 40-Day Prayer Challenge with us! Prayer is so powerful- it’s about diving into His Word and growing your relationship with Him. It’s about letting go of your own plans and your own agenda and following the plan He has outlined for you. We believe God is going to show up in a powerful way and show us his Grace and his Goodness, over these next 40 days.


As you prepare to begin this challenge, we encourage you to start praying now. Pray about what you want to get out of this, in what ways you hope to grow and most importantly, pray about what to CIRCLE, during this 40-Day Challenge. Listen to the silence, listen to your heart, listen to your family and friends, but most importantly, listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit.


We will begin the challenge on Wednesday, May 6, with our first video study, from Pastor Chad, at 7PM on our website. A coordinating study guide will also be e-mailed out to all registered participants. We encourage you to write your thoughts, take notes and use it to reflect on scriptures that Pastor Chad walks us through. In addition, each of you should have received your core book by now, if you were a late signup, please expect it in the next couple of days. We will begin reading the book together, starting with Day 1, on Thursday, May 7, and continue to do so daily, for 40 days.


We have created a PRIVATE GROUP on Facebook, for those who registered to participate in this study. A link to the group has been e-mailed out to each registered participant. Please be sure to join the group, if you are on Facebook. This will be a great way to communicate, provide encouragement, offer support + it will help to keep each of us accountable, as we walk through this 40-Day Challenge, TOGETHER!

If you have any questions, please contact Whitney Draper, Whitney.Draper@outlook.com